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Trafficize + Our '52' Mega Premium Bonuses

Hello Elijah here and whenever a  really good product hits the marketplace I like to put together an awesome bonus to give you a ton of extra value. I only do this for products I truly believe can help make you money and offers a ton of value.

iiiiiiiiiiiiii is a truly amazing product that will take you from zero to .............................. Click the link below to get more information on this amazing new product. Note that my bonus package is only available from this page see below for information on how to receive this special bonus offer.

Bonus No 1: Salespage Wizard

Newbie marketers always struggle with writing copy so this tool is always a good seller. It’s a sales page wizard that helps even a novice turn out a well structured sales page!

The salespage is the front line of your product launch. And if you don't have a good salescopy, your product might not be bought by your leads.

The good news is that, inside this amazing product, you are about to immediately have a cool software that will help you create a salespage that converts.

Bonus No 2: Funnel Profits

If you want to maximize your income so you can squeeze every possible dollar from your product launches,you absolutely need to master the art of creating high-converting sales funnels.

Because a well-constructed sales funnel that’s based on proven techniques can take a simple product launch and retain the momentum weeks, even months after the launch.

This special report was written to provide you with a step-by-step quick start blueprint to creating outstanding sales funnels that not only maximize your profits but are aimed at keeping the money rolling in long after your initial launch phase is over.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of a Successful Funnel
  • The 3 Stages of a Successful Funnel
  • Quick & Easy Funnel Research
  • The Anatomy of a Profitable Sales Funnel
  • Split Testing Your Sales Funnel

Bonus No 3: 25 Squeeze Page Templates

Spending time and money to generate leads proves to be a futile effort unless you can convince the people visiting your site to join your list or buy your product.

To help you overcome this menace, I am providing this package that includes 25 Brand New pre coded, sliced and optimized Video/Squeeze Templates, Ready to use – just copy/paste your own sales letter and you’re done. Moreover, you can modify them and sell them to your list and keep 100% of the profits.

Bonus No 4: Marketing Minisite Template

Website designing plays a huge role in increasing sales and if you are not familiar with designing, that it can cost you big. Keeping this in mind, this booster provides easy to customize Minisite templates to resolve your designing problem. You can easily setup websites and landing pages for your clients and you can use it too for promoting your own products.

Bonus No 5: Easy Video Sales Pages

Create video sales pages using a proven, winning formula! Simple sucessful formula for quick sales pages all the time!

Sales page plays a very big role in converting your website visitors into buyers. If you create a sales page for granted, you will just waste your time, effort and money in selling your services or products you offer.

In this amazing software, you are about to have those qualifications and expect a huge sale in your offers.

Bonus No 6: Smart Video Salesletters

Finally, you can discover how to build a super high converting video sales letter using a hybrid strategy … starting today!

In this video series, I’m going to show you how to properly set up and use the power of smart video sales letters!

In order to stay ahead of the game and your competition, you need to make sure that you stay up-to-date on the newest technology and utilize it to make your video sales letter stand out.

Thus we would like to introduce you to the hybrid, or smart, video sales letter.This type of strategy will allow you to take different products and services, and use their different technologies to increase your sales conversions across the board.

Here's a list of this 9 part video series in more detail:

  • Video #1 - Introduction to Hybrid Video Sales Letters
  • Video #2 - Who is Your Audience?
  • Video #3 - What is Your Audience's Pain?
  • Video #4 - Common Buyer Objections and Resistance
  • Video #5 - Video Sales Letter Formula
  • Video #6 -“What's in it for me? Why should I believe you?”
  • Video #7 - Your Pitch
  • Video #8 - Technology: Video Conversions Bump
  • Video #9 - Text vs. Screen Capture

Bonus No 7: Turbo Site Builder

Instantly Create Web Pages In Just A Few Clicks! Create Effective, Responsive Website and Landing Pages with Turbo Site Builder!

Mobile-friendly web pages is now necessary if you want to maximize the traffic source the internet can give to your business.

That's why many online business owners convert their static web designs into a responsive one. The fact is that hiring someone to code this for is indeed expensive.

The good news is that turbo Site Builder is the SIMPLEST and the most effective tool for building one page websites and landing pages that get outstanding result.


Unleash The Power Of Viral Traffic To Your Blog And Watch In Amazement How With One Single ‘WP Hack’ You Can Drive Hordes Of Traffic – Quickly And Easily.

Bonus No 9: Scarcity Demon

The Seceret Software Marketers Are using To DOUBLE....Even TRIPLE Their Profits With CONVERSION RATES Of 20-30%!

Scarcity Demon will literally put YOU in control of time – and you don’t even need technical expertise to get those countdown timers up and running on all of your offers. With Scarcity Demon installed on your offers, your buyers will be racing against the clock to hit to hit those buy buttons again and again!

  • Set your countdown timers for however long you want -24hours, 8hours, even 1hour?! The choice is yours.
  • Place counters anywhere on your sales page with easy to use cut and paste shortcodes.
  • Add multiple, customizable counters to your page to create a real sense of urgency.
  • Customize and preview the counters live within the plugin to add your own individual style.
  • Add custom redirect pages to get maximum exposure for all of your offers – allow anyone who misses out on one of your offers a chance at another.
  • Run multiple offers on one WordPress installation – no technical expertise required!
  • Automated messages let your customers know when your timers are about to expire to
  • create an even greater sense of urgency.
  • Customizable ‘Expired’ images to let buyers who drag their feet know mean business!

Bonus No 10: Build Passive Cash Funnels

Start Today Building Passive Cash Funnels From Scratch!

How would you like to set up a simple system that collects the email addresses of your prospects and then markets to them automatically? We are of course talking about a sales funnel, something you can set up in one day in almost any money-making niche. It doesn't take any great skill or talent. You don't need your own products. You don't even have to use your own content. 

You simply need to set up the system and then put it to work for you, yet new marketers hesitate to do this. Is it because the system looks too easy to be effective? Or because new marketers are afraid they don't know all of the steps involved? With this primer it won't matter – you'll have everything you need to get started today.

Bonus No 11: How to Write Internet Sales Pages That Sell

The first basic element of an effective Internet marketing (IM) sales page is the headline. Just like a newspaper sells based on the front-page headlines, your IM sales page is going to get viewers on the basis of the main headline.

Thus, you have to be sure to make this as persuasive as possible while listing in one sentence the single biggest benefit your product or service has to offer to the potential customer. Learn more tips inside.

Bonus No 12: Affiliate Funnel Builder

Instantly create an Automatic Niche Money Making affiliate website or you can even use it as your Personal Google RSS Reader wit h your favorite blog/rss feed collections.

Bonus No 13: Quick Cash Traffic System

Getting Instant Traffic & Leads.

In this video I’ll introduce you to a hot traffic method you can use to get instant traffic and leads for your Internet marketing business, so you can start making money now. There are a ton of ways to get traffic, but I’ll show you one specific method that really works and how to use it. 

This is a complete video series that walks you step-by-step through everything you need to get traffic & leads instantly and make money online right now!

Bonus No 14: Facebook Ads Authority

HOT Video Tutorials that'll show you the tools, techniques and my top tips to finally succeed and get results!

Facebook Ads is an incredibly powerful advertising platform that has a very low barrier to entry and can potentially help you to get massive exposure among a highly targeted audience. This is a hugely useful tool then and one that can help any business to accelerate and grow.

Even if you have zero prior knowledge about Facebook or internet marketing, you’ll be able to get a money-making business venture up and running – with zero investment required!

Bonus No 15: Buyer Triggers

10 Psychological Triggers That Convert Leads Into Customers!

People decide under the influence of psychological triggers. These psychological triggers can be influenced by many factors. 

While there are dozens of elements that can influence the psyche of an individual, here are the ten most important psychological triggers that convert leads into customers.

Bonus No 16: Turbo List Builder

Instantly Create Your List Building Pages In Just A Few Clicks! YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN A BUILDER LIKE THIS ONE…Create Effective, Responsive Optin Pages with Turbo List Builder!

Whether you want to sell your own product or services online or simply promoting affiliate offers, selling it to your email list is the ONE of the best medium to display your offers.

The reason is that, people who are in your list already trusted you as an authority that's why they opted their email address to your optin pages.

But the challenge that most email marketers are experiencing is in the low optin rate. That's why web developers and online marketing strategies solve this boggling challenge and now the solution is inside this amazing Turbo List Builder software. 

Bonus No 17: New Funnel Hacking Video Series

Learn How to Filter Our Your Target Prospects and Convert Them into Loyal Customers!

If you want to succeed in business online or offline, observe what the successful marketers are doing. That is what Funnel Hacking is all about!

Mastering the setting up of sales funnel needs a lot of experience and skills for a business owner to determine if it will work or not.

The good news is that inside this video series, you are about to learn the fundamentals of setting up an effective sales funnel and only by taking action will give you much experience.

Bonus No 18:    '70 IM Salesletters Swipes'

If you are not good in doing copyrighting stuff, inside this product is a bundle of salesletter swipes that you can use today. You can use it to build your email list as well.

Bonus No 19:  KingSumo Giveaways (Offcial – 594$)

Giveaways have been the #1 cost-effective method we’ve used to grow AppSumo to 700,000 email subscribers. We figured it was time to give you the technology we’ve spent 1 year perfecting.

Bonus No 20: Foolproof Traffic System

Simple System Uncovers How Easy It Is to Get Traffic To Your Website Without Going Broke! Discover How To Get More Traffic, Leads And Sales… Starting Now!

Bonus No 21: Flippa Cash

I Discovered The Secret To Buying Low And Selling High And applied it to flipping websites. it Changed My Income Level Almost Overnight.

Never in a million years did I imagine I could be making a steady, stable income by buying and selling websites that I did not even create.

I'm about to show you how you can do the same, by taking other people's websites, buying them for a song, and then selling them for huge profits only days later.

I found out the secrets to really making easy money flipping websites and I've been seriously enjoying the rewards ever since.

You won't believe how simple it really is to buy websites incredibly cheap and then flip them for huge profits. This course will give you all the information you need to start buying and selling websites tomorrow.

Bonus No 22: Premium Domain Buying And Selling Secrets 

  • 64 pages step by step guide book to make $10, $100, $200 daily.
  • How I sold a premium domain for $2000 & made $600 as profit just in 45 days.
  • Taught this method to many newbies and got amazing results.

Bonus No 23:  WP Cash-O-Matic Plugin

A WP plugin that allows you to create product pages or affiliate offer pages. Be it affiliate marketing, product creation, everyday blogging, website owning or webmastering, the product can increase your profits and streamline your product page creation.

Bonus No 24:  Animate Anything Plugin

  • Animate Any Element on Your Site and Boost 300% More Action, Sales and Subscription
  • Allowing user to apply CSS3 animations on Post, Widget and Pages.
  • 50+ Entry, Exit and Attention Seeker Animations.
  • Capability to apply animation on Scroll.
  • Capability to add different scroll offset on individual animation blocks.
  • Capability to apply animation on Click.
  • Capability to apply animation on Hover.
  • Providing delay feature in animation to create a nice animation sequence.
  • Providing feature to control the duration for a more precise animation.
  • Providing a button in the editor to easily add an animation block in the article or post.
  • Allow user to add animation on WordPress widgets. Use Class Generator to generate the required animation classes.
  • Allow user to apply animation infinitely or any fixed number of times.
  • Option to add custom CSS classes to individual animation block.
  • Options to enable or disable animations on Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Spanish and German language support. Thanks to Santiago Marrone, Christian Herrmann

Bonus No 25: Create Your Own Lifestyle Business

Here’s just a fraction of what we’re going to cover…

  • WHY you should start your OWN lifestyle business in the first place
  • The FOUR key elements to success online
  • How to spot COSTLY mistakes (avoid these like the PLAGUE!)
  • How to start on a BUDGET without cutting corners
  • Why it’s perfectly ok NOT to be a tech genius

Bonus No 26: Astronomy Video Site Builder

These days almost any type of business can benefit from the production of a short video to introduce their products and services. Therefore you might need a tool for creating video sites to make money online.

This package will help you create your own complete moneymaking video site featuring AdSense and Amazon Ads, unique web pages, SEO solutions and much more.

Bonus No 27: The Funnel Hacker

With this 4-part video course you will learn:

  • What is funnel hacking
  • Tips for funnel hacking
  • Tools for funnel hacking

Bonus No 28: IM Checklists Lead Sources

 18 powerful lead generation methods than can be used for any business, any niche and will work regardless of your experience.

You can master any one method or play around with various methods and create a nonstop stream of fresh leads into your business daily.

1. Get More Leads From Your Blog
2. Get More Leads From Social Media Profiles
3. Seo (Organic Search)
4. Get More Leads With Fun Quizzes
5. Radio And Tv Advertising
6. Postcards
7. Premium Content (Ebooks’, Videos, Webinar Training)
8. Pay Per Lead
9. Facebook Lead Ads
10. Google Ads
11. Solo Ads
12. Seminars
13. Sponsorships
14. Answering Questions Online
15. Running A Lead Generation Contest
16. Lead Tracking And Software Option(Crm)
17. Lead Conversion Tracking Options
18. Landing Page Tweaks To Increase Conversions


With WP POP BOX PLUGIN, you can Create easy customizable video popup,social popup,local pop for local business in a minute

Bonus No 30: WP Mobiflux

Drive more traffic and explode your traffic with this powerful traffic attraction and content reward system for WordPress

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